Disinfection services
Protect Your Home or Business
Why do you need disinfection services?

Can you imagine your home or office being so clean that is has no bacteria, mold, viruses, mildew or odors in it? If you have small children, toddlers, babies crawling around or your employees working hard your main goal should be to provide them with a sanitized environment 24/7. Unfortunately, simple household cleaners cannot rise to your expectations, no mater how often or regular they might be used. This is where professional home and office disinfecting and sterilizing services come into the picture.

We provide Residential and Commercial disinfecting and sanitizing services by using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging technology

The best way to prevent the spread of harmfull bacterias, germs and viruses is to use new fogging technologies. Our ULV fogging machines generate a fog formed of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets of 5 microns (μm) in diameter that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible parts where conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach. Studies show the application of disinfectants fogging significantly reduce the number of viable infectious pathogens by killing 99,99% of dangerous bacterias, viruses and germs.

We use hospital grade disinfectant that is EPA registered, proven to kill a wide range of viruses and bacteriaby reaching all the cracks and crevices. Disinfectant is odorless and won’t alter the taste of food on sanitized surfaces. It's very important for us to use disinfectant that is completely safe on food contact surfaces with no rinse required. It is safe on a wide range of surfaces, marble to carpeting and beyond. Proven effective on pet dander as well as dustmite and cockroach allergens. Can be used directly on pet bedding & sleeping areas. You can safely re-enter the area in as little as 2 hours after application.

  • EPA Registered Hospital-Grade Disinfectant
  • Listed on EPA’s List N
  • Non-toxic: Free from Chlorine and Phosphates
  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi & Molds
  • No Rinse Required, even on food contact surfaces
  • Suitable for use on most of the surfaces
  • Eliminates 99.9% of most Allergens§ upon contact
  • Non-Abrasive and Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Flammable – No Harmful Chemicals
  • Botanically Derived Active Ingredient
  • Safe for Everyday Use
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1. Do I need to prepare anything before the technician arrives?
You will need to be prepared to be out of the indoor treatment area. This includes taking pets out of the area.
2. Is there anything I need to do after the technician leaves?
You need to do nothing once the process is complete. Just let everything dry on its own, as the oxidation process takes place.Initially, it takes just a few minutes to dry.The only exception is if there is any residue left on glass, mirrors, countertops, or other areas. In that case, after 24 hours, just wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth.
3. How often do I need to have my home sanitized/deodorized?
That depends on the circumstances. As far as deodorizing, there may be occasions when smoke, pet odors or cooking odors become an issue and you want them treated.Sanitizing, on the other hand, is highly recommended at least twice per year, late fall and in the spring. You may also feel that it is necessary to sanitize after parties and/or social gatherings. We highly recommend treatment if someone in the house becomes ill. Doing so will help prevent further cross-contamination. While quarterly treatments provide good control in reducing germs and allergens, monthly sanitizing is best.
4. Is there anything on which the disinfectant should not be sprayed?
The disinfectant is safe for all colorfast fabrics and carpeting and all hard surfaces, including hardwood.